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Shaoxing Tianlong tin Materials co Ltd was located in Shaoxing a picturesque and famous historic and cultural town Tianlong Tin Materials Co Ltd enjoys a very convenient sea land and air transportation The company has established post doctoral scienti c research workstation and Zhejiang Province Enterprise Research Institute with rst class R D team and proprietary intellectual property rights Tianlong has become a leading supplier of lm capacitor metal spraying material coating materials metal surface anti corrosive materials and electronic welding materials The new image of Tianlong brand fully con rm what a modern philosopher once said Only an enterprise with culture like a man with...

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Zinc Wire

Zinc Rod

Flat Zinc Bar

Zinc Aluminum

Tin Zinc Alloy Wire

Tin Zinc Antimony Copper Alloy Wire

SnSbCu Babbitt Wire

Pure Tin Wire

Aluminum Wire

Solder Wire

Solder Bar

Zinc Shot

Welding Wire

Metal Spraying Accessories

Zinc Die-casting Alloy Ingot

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RollerBabbitt Wire 1.10mmSnsbcu Babbitt WireWelding Wire BabbitMetal Spraying PartTin Zinc Alloy WireSolder Welding WireTin Lead Solder BarBabbitt Wire 1.20mmWire Feeding RollerHigh Pure Zinc Wirealuminum wire sizesaluminum wire priceZAMAK 3 Alloy IngotSolder Wire Sn98Cu2SnZnSbCu alloy wireZinc Rod 99.995%minSolder Wire Sn96Cu4Metal Spraying WireSolder Wire Sn95Sb5Babbit Wire Grade 2Solder Wire Sn97Cu3Hard Zinc Wire 0.8mmLead Free Solder BarHigh Pressure NozzleLead Free Alloy WireOverlaying MaterialsSolder Wire Sn63Pb37Wire Reinforced HoseZinc Rod Min 99.995%zinc wire home depotTin- Zinc Alloy WireZinc Bar Min 99.995%Zinc Rods 99.995%minBabbitt Wire SnSb7Cu3Beryllium Copper WireWelding Wire Sn50Pb50Soldering Copper Wirezinc aluminum formulaSolder Wire with Fluxzinc alloy propertiesHigh Quality Zinc BarShot Blasting of ZincFeeding Concrete Hosezinc aluminum coatingZinc Based Alloy WireLead Free Solder WireZinc Cut Wire Zn98Al2Zinc Alloy Wire 1.2mmZinc Alloy Wire 1.0mmTin Copper Alloy WireBabbitt Wire SnSb11Cu6Low Temperature SolderSn-Zn-Sb-Cu Alloy WireFlux Cored Solder WireSGS RoHS Pure Tin WireCurrent Contact NozzleFlux-Cored Solder WireWhite Metal Alloy WirePure Zinc Wire 99.995%Tin Plated Copper WireLead Tin Soldering BarWire Feed Drive RollerSolder Wire in WeldingZinc Cut Wire 99.9% MinShot blasting MaterialsWelding Wire for CopperSolder Wire Sn95.5Cu4.5Sand Blasting Zinc ShotAluminium Welding WiresZinc Abrasive MaterialsHigh Pure Aluminum Wirelead free spraying wireAnticorrosion Zinc WireTIG Welding Babbit WireHard Strength Zinc WireMIG Welding Babbit WirePart of Spraying SystemMatal Spraying MaterialsSolder Wire for AluminumLead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37Zinc Wire Purity 99.995%Drum Babbit Welding WireHigh Pure Aluminium WireZinc Flat Bar 15mmx3.5mmaluminum wire home depotVacuum Coating Zinc RodsLead-Free Tin Solder BarVacuum coating materialsWire Cement Feeding HoseGalvanized Zinc Flat BarZinc Aluminum Alloy WireWelding Wire Feed RollerZinc Flat Bar 11mmx5.8mmSn30Pb70 Flux Solder WireFlat Zinc Bars 11mmx5.8mmZinc Cut Wire 0.6mm-2.0mmFlat Zinc Bars 15mmx3.5mmSolder Wire Sn95Sb5 3.0mmAgriculture Sprayer PartsHigh Quality Babbitt WireSolder Wire Sn63Pb371.2mmSolid Solder Welding WireThermal Spray Babbitt WireMetal Spraying AccessoriesSolder Wire Sn60Pb40 1.6mmSolder Wire Sn63Pb37 1.6mmBest Babbitt Wire SnSb7Cu3Zinc Coated Steel Flat BarWelding Wire for CapacitorSolder Wire Sn63Pb37 2.0mmExcellent Pure Tin Ring SnMetal Spraying Wire SZSC-1Lead Free Materials SnAgCuMetal Spraying Wire SZSC-2Solder Wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7zinc aluminium alloy priceLead Free Solder MaterialsSolder Wire with Rosin FluxAluminum Alloy Welding Wirezinc aluminum phase diagramZinc Metal Strip 15mmx3.5mmZinc Base for Vehicle WheelZinc Metal Strip 11mmx5.8mmZinc Cut Wire Zn98Al2 0.8mmSolder Wire with Soild CoreWelding Wire Sn50Pb50 1.6mmWelding Wire Sn50Pb50 2.0mmBabbitt Wire SnSb8Cu4 3.0mmBabbitt Wire SnSb8Cu4 1.6mmHigh Quality Zinc Alloy WireTin Zinc Alloy Wire Sn90Zn10aluminum zinc alloy fun factSolder Wire Sn60Pb40 3 CoredTin-lead Solder Bar Sn50Pb50Lead Free Alloy Wire Sn97Cu3Zinc Metalizing Wire 99.995%Lead Free Solder Wire 1.60mmBlast Cleaning Zinc Cut WireShot Blasting Zinc MaterialsMig Welding Wire Feed RollerTin Zinc Alloy Wire Sn80Zn20Tin Zinc Alloy Wire Sn85Zn15Tin Zinc Alloy Wire Sn50Zn50Zinc Shot Blasting MaterialsTin Zinc Alloy Wire Sn40Zn60Zinc Die-casting Alloy IngotTin Zinc Alloy Wire Sn30Zn70Lead Free Solder Wire Sn95Sb5High Purity Zinc Wire 99.995%Lead Free Solder Wire Sn97Cu3Solder Wire Sn95.5Cu4.5 2.0mmTin Zinc Alloy Soldering WireLead Free Solder Wire Sn96Cu4Purity Zinc for Vehicle WheelLead Free Solder Wire Sn98Cu2Lead Free Solder Wire Sn99Cu1Zinc Aluminium Alloy Cut Wire0.8mm Zinc Abrasive MaterialsHigh Pure Aluminium Wire 1370Lead Free Metal Spraying WireZinc Aluminum Alloy Wire 0.4mmRoHS Pure Tin Ring Sn99.95%minLead Free Welding Wire Sn97Cu3Zinc Aluminum Alloy Wire 0.3mmCorrosion Resistance Zinc WireSolder Wire with Flux Sn30Pb70Lead Free Spraying Wire SZSC-8ZAMAK3 Alloy Die Casting IngotSolder Wire Sn99.3Cu0.7 1.60mmCorrosion Protection Zinc WireSn30Pb70 Solder Wire with FluxSolder Wire with Flux Sn40Pb60Vacuum Coating Metal MaterialsLead Free Spraying Wire SZSC-3Lead Free Spraying Wire SZSC-4Flux Cored Solder Wire Sn45Pb55Zinc Cut Wire Zn98Al2 Dia:1.0mmMig Welding Wire Feeding RollerMetal Zinc Aluminium Alloy WireContact Nozzle for Spraying GunZAMAK 3 Alloy Die-casting IngotSn45Pb55 Flux Cored Solder WireZinc Cut Wire Zn98Al2 Dia:0.8mmZinc Wire Spray on Welded PipesTin Zinc Alloy Wire for TargetsZinc Aluminum Alloy Wire ZnAl15Babbitt Wire SnSb7Cu3 Dia 3.2mmBabbitt Wire SnSb7Cu3 Dia 2.5mmBabbitt Wire SnSb7Cu3 Dia 2.0mmSuper Solder Wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7High Purity Zinc Rods 99.995%minHigh Quality Babbit Welding WireTin Zinc Alloy Welding Wire SnZnAnti-corrosion Filming Zinc WireThermal Spray and Corrosion WireLead Free Solder Bar Sn99.3Cu0.7Patent Product of Lead Free WireBabbitt Wire SnSb11Cu6 Dia 2.0mmExcellent Pure Tin Wire Sn99.95%Thermal Spray Wire for Arc SprayAnti-Corrosion Spraying MaterialMetal Spraying Wire for CapacitorContact Nozzle for Metal SprayingSolder Wire Sn60Pb40 Single CoredLead Free Solder Wire Sn99.3Cu0.7High Purity Zinc Wire 99.995% MinLead Free Solder Wire Sn95.5Cu4.5extrusion division tube materialsLead Free Solder Ring Sn99.95%minView Zinc Alumiuum Alloy Cut WireZinc Aluminum Alloy Wire Zn85Al15Solder Wire 50/50 with Resin FluxSolder Wire 50/50 with Solid CoreAluminum Magnesium Alloy Cut WireSolder Wire 30/70 with Solid CoreTarget Coating Tin Zinc Alloy WireZinc Wire with High Purity 99.995%Babbitt Wire SnSb11Cu6 Dia 3.175mmLead Free Welding Wire Sn99.3Cu0.7RoHS Lead Free Metal Spraying WireLead Free Alloy Wire Sn97Cu3 1.0mmAnticorrosion Zinc Wire 99.995 MinZinc Wire for Electronic ComponentsAnti-corrosion Protection Zinc WireWelding Wire for Capacitor Sn30Pb70Electrical Round Aluminum Wire 1370Thermal Spray Pure Zinc Wire 99.99%Welding Wire with Flux for CapacitorSolder Wire with Rosin Flux Sn30Pb70Solder Wire Sn63Pb37 with Resin FluxLead Free Metal Spraying Wire SZSC-4Solder Wire with Rosin Flux Sn40Pb60Solder Wire Sn50Pb50 with Resin FluxFlux Cored Solder Wire Sn45Pb55 0.5mmFlux Cored Solder Wire Sn45Pb55 0.8mmLead Free Metal Spraying Wire SZSC-2BHigh Pressure Gases Industrial RubberLead Free Solder Wire Sn96Cu4 3.175mmPurity 99.995% Zinc Wire for SprayingAnticorrosion Zinc Wire for Arc SprayLead Free Metal Spraying Wire SZSC-2AZinc Aluminum Alloy Wire Zn98Al2 2.0mmMetal Surface Anti-corrosive MaterialsFilm Capacitor Metal Spraying MaterialElectronic Welding Tin-Zinc Alloy WireFlux Cored Solder Wire Sn45Pb55 1.60mmZinc-Based Alloy Wire for Shot BlastingZinc Aluminum Alloy Wire Zn85Al15 0.8mmZinc Aluminum Alloy Wire Zn85Al15 1.2mmFlux-Cored Copper Aluminum Welding WireZinc Aluminum Alloy Wire Zn85Al15 1.0mmFilm capacitor metal spraying materialsFlux Cored Copper Aluminum Welding WireZinc Aluminum Alloy Wire Zn98Al2 1.60mmMetal Zinc Aluminium Alloy Wire Zn85Al15Zinc Aluminium Alloy Wire Zn85Al15 1.2mmLead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 330mmx20mmx18mmFilm-Capacitor Spray Tin-Zinc-Alloy-WireLead Free Tin Solder Wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 295mmx20mmx13mmZinc Cut Wire Purity 99.90% Min Dia:1.0mmHigh Quality Zinc Shot Blasting MaterialsAluminum Magnesium Alloy Cut Wire Al95Mg5Tin-Zinc Alloy Wire for Electronic WeldingTin-Zinc-Alloy-Wire for Electronic WeldingTin-Zinc-Alloy Wire for Electronic WeldingZinc Cut Wire Purity 99.90% Min Dia:1.20mmZinc Cut Wire Purity 99.90% Min Dia:0.80mmSpraying Zinc Aluminium Alloy Wire Zn85Al15Zinc-Aluminium Alloy Wire for Shot BlastingTin-Zinc-Alloy-Wire for Film-Capacitor SprayTin/Zinc Wire for Film-Capacitor Metal-SprayTin/Zinc/Alloy/Wire for Film-Capacitor SprayTin-lead Solder Bar Sn50Pb50 330mmx20mmx18mmTin-lead Solder Bar Sn50Pb50 295mmx20mmx13mmAluminum Magnesium Alloy Cut Wire 0.8mm-1.2mmLead Free Solder Bar Sn99.3Cu0.7 295mmx20mmx13mmLead Free Solder Bar Sn99.3Cu0.7 330mmx20mmx18mmTin-Zinc-Alloy-Wire for Film-Capacitor Metal-SprayAnti-corrosion Spraying Material on Metal Surfaces
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